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Congratulations Buffy, you’ve succeeded in making me cry.

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katiedegennaro started following you



I really didn’t expect it at all ahhh it made so happy, thank you <3 

#welcom to jeanmarco nerd (via yolownly)

I grin like a silly dork every time I see this and also thank you again because I don’t think I can say that too many times

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Soooo I’ve been away from home for nearly two weeks, the first one spent with my dearest Bek lazing around eating grilled cheese sandwiches and falling in love with Buffy. Then it was time for our visit to Bråvalla festival (!!!!!) with Adam and a group of other cool friends. It was a very interesting experience, living in a tent in the rain on a campsite crowded with drunk people, and watching/listening to bands playing live (seeing as I’ve only been to one concert ever that is a pretty new thing for me). In short, it’s been great!

and now I’m sick


Lastly, I’m back home now, and I’ve spent the last three days feeling so thankful for the notes and new followers (thank you so much! <3) rolling in while I was away, and doodling more crap I’ll finish sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. 

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Holy shit you guys that post I just



it’s the most notes I’ve ever had on any post ever and it keeps getting more and


and some of you are even following me???



Wow I’m so happy and I’m pretty much at a loss for words, I just want to say thank you so much <3 

And like, hello and welcome to my blog you brave souls deciding to click follow. I assume most of you are here for JeanMarco, tho I noticed at least one I guess is here for another fandom and you’re so welcome too. All of you. Feel free to talk to me any time, my ask is always open!

This is just so surreal. Wow.

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